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The Northern Gardener

The Northern Gardener: From Apples to Zinnias shares 150 years of garden wisdom for today's cold-climate gardeners. Combining history with how-to, The Northern Gardener is an A-to-Z of tips, tricks, and gardening lore, much of it from the files of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society. From how to grow the best tomatoes to tips for designing a functional and beautiful garden to finding annuals and shrubs that fit perfectly in northern gardens, The Northern Gardener covers essential topics for home gardeners.

The increasing popularity of heirloom vegetables and plants demonstrates that the next generation of gardeners seeks the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes from growing plants at home. This book provides insight into gardening traditions, time-tested how-to advice for gardening in the North, and accurate information to help today's gardeners grow fruits, vegetables and flowers successfully.

Purchasing the book

Publication date: Nov. 15, 2017. $24.95
Pre-order from Minnesota Historical Society Press or other online retailers.