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Managing Projects

Since 2005, I've managing editorial content, budgets and the production schedule for this award-winning regional gardening magazine that is the primary communication vehicle for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society. In that time, subscriber and member numbers have risen, society leaders have received many positive comments about the magazine's content and appearance, and budget and production deadlines have been met.

CERS Policy Report

Drawing Connections

This article focused on a large, elaborate garden renovation. The challenge was to describe the scope of the project while providing how-to information for readers considering more modest renovations. By drawing parallels to life changes and working closely with a photographer, this feature conveys the garden's magnitude and the practicalities of redesigning a landscape.

CERS Policy Report

Translating Technical Topics

Researchers at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota have studied the safety of rural highways from several perspectives. Much of this work is highly technical. This mid-term report explains this diverse and complicated research in ways that are accessible to citizens and stakeholders. The report highlights the research and its real-world impact on reducing traffic fatalities.

History of the Carlson School

Telling Your Story

The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota wanted to celebrate its 90th birthday with a historical review that also emphasized the school’s current strengths. Significant research into a diverse (and scattered) set of documents coupled with alumni interviews resulted in articles that paid homage to the past while highlighting the school’s ongoing mission as a global research institution.