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About Mary

Mary Schier

At a Glance

  • Current Job: Freelance writer, editor, project manager.
  • Background: Newspaper reporter and editor, political press secretary, occasional teacher of writing.
  • Find Me: Gardening, volunteering at the library, riding my bike, traveling anywhere near large bodies of water, especially Lake Superior.
  • Home Base: Northfield, Minnesota.

People sometimes ask me what I write about: Gardens, yes, because I edit a garden magazine. But I also write about technologies that make roads safer, how politicians use marketing techniques to win your vote, why women and men communicate differently in business, and why doctors don’t talk about weight to patients with diabetes.

My work has been published in consumer magazines such as Northern Gardener and Twin Cities Business Monthly, as well as in many alumni magazines, on the web, and in reports and publications sent to special audiences. I love digging into a new topic as much as I enjoy digging into a new garden bed.

In addition to writing and editing, I help clients manage large projects – reports, books, magazines, and online communication. I enjoy working with designers and photographers and can often recommend other professionals who will improve your project. My fees are reasonable, and I am usually able to determine the cost of a project before work starts. Contact me for more information.